About Us

Candle Magick is a family owned and operated business which was established in 2006 as TiamaDess Natural Soy Candles and is located in the leafy Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

We take pride in our unique range of beautiful natural candles, and we only use the finest quality ingredients in all of our products.We have been making candles for a long time now so you can rest assured you will receive a perfect candle everytime.

We are constantly researching our craft (one can never learn too much!)and learning new techniques and methods of creating candles with natural waxes.

We love beautiful-smelling candles as much as you do and we test our products continuously to ensure that you are always getting the best quality candles and melts when you purchase from us!

We use the maximum amount of fragrance possible in each candle - this amount will vary from fragrance to fragrance dependant on strength and also on performance during testing.

We have invested many hours into research over the years and have also conducted many classes, and enjoyed teaching others how to create beautiful candles that they can be proud of.

And our next step is?
Candle Parties!

This website was developed by us, uniquely for us.